"Thanks to Vistrex's support, we were able to afford a longer Beta stage and polish our game.


A publisher that's

determined to maintain high quality and help us

achieve it is a great partnership to be in!"


- Royal Ark, the Dawn of Zombies development team

About Us

Vistrex is a game publisher that offers support to small independent game developers worldwide.


We have already launched mobile titles with most of these developers. We're always on the lookout for new challenges—and fresh talent to bring them to life with a little help.

Project Support



Everybody is


We always do our best for our partners

We have expert marketing specialists, who can make your game a hit

We strive to discover new names

Vistrex funds projects directly, offers technical solutions, and teaches indie teams high project management standards.

We know how to promote a game at all stages, from brand positioning to traffic management in stores and on social media. Our approach is based on long-standing experience and good practices in gaming project analytics.

Vistrex never stops searching for mobile projects to support. It doesn't matter whether your game is hardcore, midcore, or casual – or how big your team is. Contact us. We'll be happy to help.